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Louisiana legislature finds time to curb abortion rights Women seeking abortions in louisiana will be required to get an ultrasound first, even if they are a victim of rape or incest, under a bill that received final legislative passage wednesday. The bill by democratic state this you may like sen.Sharon broome of baton rouge was sent to theGovernor's desk with a 79-0 vote of the state House.Gov.Bobby jindal supports the measure. Supporters of the proposal said they hope the ultrasound dissuades some women from getting an sale abortion at the handful of abortion clinics in louisiana, by giving them more information about their pregnancies. "This is a bill that empowers women, '' broome said in committee Cheap Tiffany Bracelets Shop testimony, adding that at least 15 other states have a similar requirement. On monday, the louisiana legislature gave the state health secretary the power to immediately suspend the licenses of abortion clinics if the secretary believes there's a health or safety issue at the clinic.As of 2005, five metropolitan areas of the state had no abortion provider. The louisiana state senate and house have also each passed versions of a bill to ban coverage for elective abortions in the new federal insurance pools. Michigan has similiar, misguided legislation, the exception being that the ultrasound isn't mandatory in a case of rape or incest.The state legislature is now seeking the following: "Today, state senators will review a bill that, if passed, will tighten michigan's abortion restrictions.Under current law, michigan's abortion providers are obliged to provide women the option of viewing an ultrasound before performing the procedure.This new bill will require those ultrasounds to be created using the best available equipment.Republican sen.Wayne kuipers said that he introduced the legislation because some abortion facilities have used outdated equipment that intentionally produced grainy ultrasound images to put before patients, according to the associated press. " I found this to be rather interesting, proof that this has nothing to do with"Life"But everything Cheap Tiffany Bracelets to do with controlling women: "Altogether, twenty states require or encourage a patient receiving an abortion to view an ultrasound before the procedure.According to the new york times, there have been no studies done in the united states that measure the affect of sonograms during abortions, and few done internationally.There was one study done in british columbia that found that 73 percent of patients(254 people)Wanted to see their sonogram if they were offered the chance.But eighty-Four percent of those who viewed it said it did Not make the experience more difficult, and none changed her mind about receiving an abortion.After all, they don't just let anyone become an almost-But-Not-Quite board certified ophthalmologist. I just think it's dishonest the way he presents his argument, that basically amounts to"If you can't do anything you want on your own private property, then you don't really own it", as being very cut and dry, when it's anything but.The fact is, whether we're arguing over state sovereignty, or private property rights, it will always be necessary for there to be limits.The property rights issue is what's"Idiotic".Of course it's important, but it doesn't trump federal law, especially when it pertains to civil rights that are protected by the constitution.The guys ideology is anarchist. Those on the right are disingenuous about every issue.They call themselves constitutionalists but make exceptions to fit their own personal needs.They call judges who don't agree with them"Activist"Or"Radical".They claim to be"Fiscal"And call liberals"Tax and spend", when in reality it's just the opposite. Ayn rand paul crying about the government picking on bp was about all i could take.The guy is a shill.And this whole states rights nonsense is nonsense.We've tried states rights ideology.It fails miserably every time.The articles of confederation was such a useless impractical mess they wrote the constitution.The other states rights mess was a little thing called the civil war.And it was fought over the property rights of human beings.

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